Hi, I am Jo, a PR consultant for 20 years, now a freelance writer and mother living in a pocket of South London with my husband and two teenagers.

The eldest, my son is 18 and is from my first marriage and the youngest, my daughter is 14 from my current marriage, making us what is fondly known as a “blended” family.

Parenting is a deeply personal journey.  I closed the door on my PR career more than 10 years ago to be a full-time mother and haven’t looked back…well only nostalgically at least.

I have worn many t-shirts during this time and have experiences aplenty of all the junior milestones. I have learnt a lot, cried a little, certainly shouted a bit and laughed even more and I reflect fondly on a plethora of parenting episodes that have made me the mother and person I am today.

At the time of starting this blog, I found myself on the brink of entering a new chapter as a mother to two teenagers and all the new secondary parenting challenges that brings, whilst also embracing the mid-life challenges of turning 50.

This blog is not a diary of our daily activities as they are not really that interesting, but it is a glimpse at the reality of parenting teens, the highs as well as the lows, interspersed with reviews and comment on lifestyle issues surrounding midlife and things that interest me outside of my parenting bubble.

Why now? Well quite simply the job of being a mother is never complete and as I embark on this second half of my life I want to make the most of our family experiences before our teenagers flee the nest and connect with like-minded people.

Parenting is not a perfect science and we all seek advice at some point whether from family, friends or online and we all have a valuable voice to add.

I hope you will enjoy reading parts or all of this blog and I really look forward to hearing from you during my and our journey.

Thanks for reading.


You can reach me via email jo@motherofteenagers.com